“My Most Awkward Moment As A Pre Reg”

For any of the new graduates who ever thought a pre-reg optometrist had it “all under control”… here are some confessions from the Cardiff Class of 2015.

‘The slit lamp smudged my eyebrow pencil across my forehead and I spent the rest of the day testing patients with a unibrow… no one told me.’

‘I asked an 88 year old man if he would like his carer to come in to the room and he replied “that young gentleman is my boyfriend”’

‘I was always used to manually moving the phoropter. One day, ugh i cant hilary duff hiding embarrassedI was in a different room, and when I tried to bring the phoropter across I found myself visibly straining and tugging to move it in front of the patient…I assumed something was wrong with it until my supervisor arrived. She pressed a little button and the phoropter automatically glided into position…the patient then looked at me as if to say “are you kidding me?”’

‘I meant to ask a patient if I could give their glasses a “quick clean”…. but what I actually said was “click queen”’

‘When I asked a nice lady what her hobbies were I thought she said “dogging” …when I looked visibly uncomfortable she said “I said JOGGING!”’

‘I did an entire refraction without realizing my dress was completely unzipped… til my patient’s mom zipped it up for me….’

‘I spent a good 10 minutes taking visions for a guy who insisted on shutting the opposite eye to the one I was occluding while declaring “I can’t see anything with that in the way!”’

‘I broke the phoropter my first week of testing and no one told me til I walked in on my supervisor with a wrench trying to fix it.’

pout pouting about to cry holding in tears

‘While setting up a patient for ret I face-planted my own phoropter and knocked my glasses clean off my face.’

Me: “Do you have any allergies?”
Patient: “When I eat bacon my tears taste salty”

‘I put on my patients glasses instead of mine after doing ophthalmoscopy!’

‘My patient asked me if I was married… when I said no she tried to set me up with her grandson in the waiting area.’

‘I accidentally dropped a lens in the patient’s crotch
and they couldn’t find it themselves because their prescription was -12.00D…..’reactions shocked shock blackgirlmagic black girl magic

‘My first week of pre reg I attempted to ret a fake eye for a good 5 minutes before realizing…’

‘I was told my patient was mostly deaf and could lip read… so I spent the test pronouncing everything perfectly and speaking really loud….. looking at the patient right in the face every time I said anything….Then I found out the patients were mixed up and I was testing a patient with normal hearing the whole time.’

movies smile britney spears britney blonde‘During one of my visits the neighbours upstairs decided to indulge in some cannabis….. It came in through the vent, leaving my assessor and I in a cloud of marijuana smoke.’

‘I dropped a trial lens inside of a printer where the paper is supposed to be fed. It jammed the printer so bad it needed to be replaced.’

Good luck graduates! May you shine as bright as a slit lamp! Many thanks to my fellow pre-regs for being brave enough to share these stories with me ❤ 

If you’d like to hear more from the Class of 2015 pop a suggestion in the comments section or even an awkward moment of your own!

One thought on ““My Most Awkward Moment As A Pre Reg”

  1. TwinkleStar says:

    I was retting a 90 year old gent and I could see he was falling asleep. So I said “you’re doing well, keeping looking at the colours” he didn’t hear me very well, so a little louder I said “you haven’t got long left now”
    Saying that made his daughter burst out laughing and I could barely finish my ret as I was so embarrassed. My poor px couldn’t even hear me the second time and was so confused with the laughter

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