Opa Optom

The summer heat meant some form of celebration was in order, so Lalit and I once again booked an impromptu trip to somewhere I had been dreaming about for several years… Greece.


We pulled an all-nighter for the sake of a cheap flight to Athens, and when we landed my first impression was that it was comparable to a sticky day in Bridgetown, but on a much larger scale. Food was the top priority and we hit the first restaurant we saw, which was kind enough to throw in a free glass of wine with our gyros… I already knew I was going to like it here.


Next was a hop on hop off to the Acropolis and Parthenon, which was truly humbling for two reasons. One… it is a remarkable structure surrounded by a panoramic view of the entire city… which really made me appreciate the ingenuity of such an ancient civilization. And two… it was going up those (not very many) steps that I realized one glass of wine plus zero sleep in 34 degree weather was the worst combination I could have created for myself.

Now…. When travelling with a Brigitte… if you don’t keep her well fed, watered and rested she becomes a bit difficult to transport. This meant I ended up passing out cold when we got back to the bus and missing the entire rest of the tour… waking up to some concerned looking back-packers and a very bored boyfriend. Feeling full of guilt I insisted we go see the National Garden, a public park filled with towering palm trees and a few exotic birds. Once we felt a bit peppier we went back to the airport for round two of our trip… Santorini.


Santorini was beauty in its purest form. Every corner we turned had a Cerulean-roofed chapel on a clear horizon, matched only by the locals who were so warm and effervescent. We stayed at San Giorgio Villa in Fira, which had the most hospitable owners. They were kind enough to give us all the directions and tips we needed, and even ended up giving us a lift to the airport at the end of the trip. We were so impressed and felt very secure the entire time.

Lalit channelling his inner Trump

My friend Chloe also gave us some great recommendations for the island – the perks of having a friend who went there on her honeymoon- the best of which was to rent an ATV for the entire stay. It meant we got to explore the whole island at our own pace and could appreciate every wow factor each view had to offer. There was also a certain romance to putting your arms around someone’s waist… while they whisk you around on the open road… the wind in your hair….




We explored the black and red beaches in the south, got a belly full of moussaka and Greek yogurt and then motored all the way up to Oia to watch the iconic sunset at a rooftop restaurant. I decided to order a bottle of wine, and after one glass Lalit pointed out he couldn’t have anymore since he had to drive the ATV home…. This meant it was up to me to finish the whole bottle. The staff, being charismatic and generous as ever, gave me a complimentary coffee for my efforts.

Red Beach

Black Beach








We loved Oia so much we went early the next morning so we had the old town all to ourselves for a few hours. This was probably our favourite part of the trip… until Lalit got smacked in the face by the tail of a passing donkey.


We wound the trip down by spending the afternoon on a catamaran, which took us to the hot springs near the volcano and then around the perimeter of Santorini. After filling up on a tzatziki-doused meal we got one last dose of that famous sunset as it slipped below the horizon.




Now we’re back with a go-pro full of photos and a suitcase full of greek art… ready to plan the next adventure.


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