We Did It.

Last week was the Diploma Ceremony for the new members of the College of Optometrists, and after already attending the Cardiff Graduation, Gabby and I were a bit skeptical about whether we wanted to sit through 4 more hours speeches and formalities… However, we decided it would be better to attend, than to miss it and regret it.

Although the journey was long, with several train delays along the way, the frustration from the commute melted as soon as we caught up with the Class of 2015 again… and it was a truly wonderful day.

Even though we live together, this was the first time we had spent an evening together celebrating our achievements.

There’s no denying it was a long year….. I must admit, contrary to my blog’s title I didn’t always find it easy to look on the bright side – and between the two of us, our pre reg was coupled with several bouts of bad luck. I certainly couldn’t have gotten through it without having Shay, Sejal, and especially Gabby to lean on throughout the hardest parts. To any new pre-reg’s reading this – stay in touch with your optom classmates…. Their understanding alone can be so valuable during this time. Having a solid support system from my family and boyfriend didn’t hurt either.

After sitting through 3 graduation ceremonies in one lifetime, the one speech I’ll remember is the one made by David Thomson. He kept it short and sweet, and gave us advice about optometry and life itself, reminding us that not every day will be equally rewarding, but to always put 3 things first: family, friends, and golf.

After the reception we had dinner with old friends (and some adopted family members) at a nearby pub just like we used to in the Woody….and it was the closure I truly needed from this year. A huge congrats to everyone again, I loved seeing you all… and I can’t wait to see the amazing things we all do ❤

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