Why Size Matters On Valentine’s Day

While you’re looking into the eyes of your loved one in a few days time, you’ll probably have a few questions.

Do they think I’m cute? Do they like me back? Do I have something stuck in my teeth?

You might find the answer to a couple of those questions by paying attention to the size of their pupils.

pupil mechanism.png

The pupil changes size based on two muscle systems:

The Sphincter Muscle – which makes the pupil smaller using the parasympathetic nervous system (usually in response to light).

The Dilator Muscle – which makes the pupil larger using the sympathetic nervous system (AKA the fight or flight response).

The dilator muscles are therefore controlled by what we’re feeling.

This means that when someone feels aroused, the pupils get much larger in size.

Large pupils don’t just indicate desire – studies in humans show that large pupils are perceived as more attractive by the observer.* So it seems like they also entice potential mates!

What do you think?

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So have a good look at your date this year and see for yourself if there’s love in their eyes….

And if their pupils are tiny? Don’t worry… you might just need to turn the lights down.



Information taken from: scientificamerican.com: Learning the Look of Love: In your Eyes, the Light the Heat

*Study conducted by Tombs and Silverman. “Pupillometry”. Evolution & Human Behavior. Vol 25, Issue 4. 2004. Pg 221-228

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