What’s it like getting your eyes tested in Thailand?

So… it’s safe to say I have failed my new year’s resolution. But I have a pretty good BL (437)excuse.

In July I got married to my favourite person <3, so the blog was put on the back burner to make way for my wedding planning. After the I-do’s we weren’t ready to jump in to our routines just yet and we took it easy until after our honeymoon (which was AMAZING btw).

To make up for the lost time I’m going to post two blogs this month (maybe three…)


IMG_8786While I was spending time in Phuket last month for my honeymoon, I had the idea to write a blog about what it’s like getting your eyes tested in different countries… I saw several opticians around our hotel but my nerves kept getting the best of me


…I suppose you could say fate intervened.

Lalit and I were walking home one evening and I started to peer into the shop window of FIFA Optical (don’t  all optoms do this when they walk by an optician’s?). An employee outside caught me and came up to us to encourage me to get my eyes tested, promoting a free eye test if you buy a pair of glasses.

PHOTO-2018-10-09-07-03-58 (2)

I came clean about being an optometrist and said I was just curious about what it was like to get your eyes tested in Thailand. He immediately urged me to go in and speak to his brother who performed the eye tests. The optician came out and gave me a tour of the store, and a run through of what his procedure was. Not only did he do refractions, but he also cut the lenses in his test room while the patient waited! When I asked about eye health, he told me retinal exams and glaucoma screeners were done by doctors at the hospital.

I’ll admit, I was a bit bashful, and in the moment I didn’t ask nearly enough questions. I regret that I didn’t get the names of the gentlemen or a business card, but they were both so keen to show off the store and speak to someone else in the field. I also didn’t get their hours of operation… but it’s worth pointing out this all happened at around 7:30pm.


FIFA Optical, if you ever see this, thanks for letting me barge into your store in the middle of the night with a bunch of questions and take pictures. You were very hospitable !

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