4 Reasons Westeros Needs Eye Doctors

(Just a heads up, for those of you who don’t watch Game of Thrones and tend to be a bit squeamish… the gifs below are pretty gory…. you’ve been warned!)


While I’ve let my nerd flag fly with this show for the last 8 seasons, the optometrist in me couldn’t help but notice that the Seven Kindoms were really lacking in adequate ocular care… here’s why:

  1. You can go spontaneously blind if you piss off the Many-Faced God.
    A girl has no name, but she has pretty severe Band Keratopathy
  2. You might experience an abnormal change in eye colour beyond The Wall.
Patients with this condition might be turned away

3. You’ll have ocular motility disorders if you end up being a Warg

And just think of all the binocular vision problems you’ll have as the Three Eyed Raven

4. Penetrating eye injuries are a  regular occurrence there.

I think protective goggles would be a good investment…. so would insurance


Farewell Game of Thrones!

-Brigitte of House Optom,
Examiner of Eyes, Prescriber of Glasses, Fitter of Contact Lenses

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